We present in its offer chasubles in many different kinds . We have a wide range of designs and materials . We vestments and occasional special on according to the customer . The execution of orders we use the acquired knowledge and experience , creating a unique and at the same time durable garments . Using modern technology we are able to perform custom work that can be applied to each of the liturgical colors . We provide the highest quality vestments , created with great passion and commitment to refine the smallest detail.

We are confident that the appropriate cut ensure freedom and comfort for a priest.

We present you performed on special orders liturgical vestments with a beautiful, richly-embroidered belt that can be applied to any of the liturgical colors. Themed ornamental belts are designed according to the wishes of our customers, which makes them unique and highly original. Chasuble is assumed always to all other vestments, because he is considered a symbol of love covering sins. In our assortment vestments are available in many designs and colors, appropriate because of the liturgical period, eg .:

White Vestments – during the Easter Holy Mass and the Birth of the Lord, in the holy Christ the Lord and Our Lady.

Green Vestments – on Sundays and Masses during the ordinary liturgical year.

Gold and Ecru Vestments – during Christmas and special occasions.

Red Vestments – used in Passion Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost Sunday and in all Masses that are related to the topic of the Holy Spirit (eg. Confirmation)

Black Vestments – used for Mass Funeral

Purple Vestments – the period of penance and expectations There are also other colors – welcome to familiarize with the offer.