Banners and Flags


We provide comprehensive services for the design , embroidery and sewing banners church . We offer the shortest (30 days ) the date of execution and precision, technology and quality available for embroidery by hand.

Sizes: standard ( 100×145 cm), medium ( 100×178 cm ), large ( 120×180 cm). Material colors : White , Ecru, Green, Red , Blue


In cooperation we offer a performance standard computer embroidery technique . All elements of the standard are 100 % embroidered .

We do not use non-durable graphics printing methods . Embroidered Flags are on a high quality polyester fabrics that contain additional finishing , increasing resistance to soiling cloth ( there are a limited number of colors of materials) . Spars , heads and other additives are carried out on our behalf by specialized companies . Constant cooperation with these companies guarantee high quality products at relatively low prices . Completion date : 30 days after approval of the project . There is also the possibility of shortening the time of production.